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Stephen is a Team Leader / Manager (as well as Systems Analyst / Snr. Developer) with 3 years pre-commercial experience and 22 years commercial experience in PCs and Microcomputers from the Z80 and 8080 through 8086 to modern day Pentium 4/Athlon based systems. He has worked with dBase/xBase products since 1986, working with dBase, Clipper 87, Clipper 5.3, FoxBase and FoxPro and has 5 years experience with FoxPro (from Version 2 to Version 2.6 for DOS & Windows & Visual 3 to 5), Visual Basic 5 and 6 (3 Years), Java (web self care), PHP. Stephen has worked on converting FoxPro for DOS applications to Windows and from Single User to Networked Multi-User applications.

Stephen has worked for the Jamaican, Italian, Zimbabwean, Egyptian and British Governments and well as in the Banking and Hotel sectors in Jamaica, the Finance and Investment Banking sectors in London, the Insurance sector in Manchester, the Incentive industry in Manchester & Milton Keynes and the Flat Glass Manufacturing industry near Worcester. Also in the Motor Industry in Oxford and the Mass Transit Industry in Italy and the U.K., plus the Cable Billing Industry in Hampshire.

Stephen has now moved on to utilise his management skill more than ever. He is capable of communicating with team members, users, senior management and the Board with equal ease. Stephen gets his message across to each of these people by talking at their level and in their language. 

In his Systems Analyst / Snr. Developer roles Stephen is a quick learner often picking up a task after only been shown clearly once. New programming skills and languages are also picked up quickly. He is a very flexible person who will work happily by himself with a very lose set of parameter through to working with a team with very strict controls and rigid methodologies.


Stephen took on the roles at Convergys EMEA of

Emergency Warden (for Fire & Explosives, 1 of 8)
Employee Representative (1 of 4)
Quality Representative (for section)


ISEB Foundation Certificate for Software Testing passed Aug 2002
ISEB Intermediate Certificate for Software Testing passed Aug 2008


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